Dr. B. B. Taywade


Dear Members,

On behalf of the Association, I extend my warm greetings to all of you. As the President of the Maharashtra Commerce Teachers Association, the aim of the association is to provide a platform for all the members to learn, share and collaborate with fellow academician and industrialist. The various events are conducted by eminent personalities from the field, who will share their insights, experiences and expertise in the areas of commerce education. We will share more details about the events, including dates, timings, and registration procedures, on our website. We urge you to visit our website regularly to stay updated about the upcoming events. Thank you for your continued support and participation in the Association's activities. We look forward to your active participation in the upcoming conferences and seminars.

Best regards,

Dr. T. A. Shiware

Executive President

Dear Members,

As the Executive President of the Association, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that our organization will be organizing a series of conferences and seminars for the teachers and members throughout Maharashtra. The aim of these events is to provide a platform for our members to enhance their knowledge and skills, exchange ideas, and network with fellow professionals in the field of commerce education. We believe that this association will contribute

Warm regards,

Dr. G. Y. Shitole

General Secretary

Dear Members,

Honourable Life Members of Maharashtra Commerce Teachers Association, greetings from General Secretary of the Association. I am working for this esteemed academic body since 2011. Ours is purely academic body organizing almost every year on Annual National Conference and up till now 33 such academic events have been organized at different place of Maharashtra. In every Conference Research Papers are invited from Commerce and Management teachers and there has been presentations and discussions in various sessions. It is the practice of giving various awards to motivate Life Members of the Association every year.

Research in Commerce and Management topics main focus of this Association and contemporary issues are discussed and deliberated in the Annual Conferences.

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